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About the design

Our design is inspired by the motto “less is more”. For us this means that every time we begin a new design, we start by selecting the perfect piece of leather, and we try to keep it that way. We love structured surfaces and always choose leather by the feeling in our hands, smell and glance of it.

We believe that the various looks of the leather deserve to stand out on their own; no matter if it is soft suede, croco-embossing or just plain full grain leather. This guarantees that every bag design is kept clean and simple – highlighting the beauty as it deserves.

It is not just a bag – it’s a Kontainer

When we start a new bag design, it is important to us that it is just as beautiful as it is functional. Therefore we make sure that each bag has many ways to be worn, no matter if it is a casual afternoon in the city or an evening out. For instance all our bags come with a shoulder strap that can be made into a clutch – quick and invisible

Additionally, all of the bags have our signature cotton print embedded on the inside of the bags which brings an edge to the overall classic look of each bag.