All of our bags are made of genuine calf leather of highest quality. Leather is a very durable material and will last for many years with good care and treatment. But how do you take the best care of your KONTAINER bag? We have gathered a few tips and guidelines to help you on the way.

If you have any doubt or questions, always feel welcome to reach out to us.



Before taking your new KONTAINER bag into use, please use a spray protectant suitable for suede/leather. The spray is invisible, but leaves a protective layer on the bag making moist, dirt and grease more repellant. If you use your bag daily, we recommend using a spray protectant at least once a month.



Do not expose your leather bag to direct sunlight, rain, snow or other liquids. We do not control the weather, and of course exposure cannot always be avoided. In case of rain stains, please let the bag dry naturally and do not rub. When it is dry, brush gently the petite hairs with a soft brush and the hairs will rise again. Of course, add a new layer of spray protectant.



In case of dust, dirt or grease stains, try brushing gently first. If this is not enough try to carefully use a damp soft cloth and gently press the stain. Do never rub since it may leave bigger marks.

We normally do not recommend a cleaner product, since it easily removes the colour too. However, if the stain cannot be removed you can try a gentle cleaner product. It is always a good idea to test the product on a less visible spot on the bag, e.g. the strap beforehand.

Never use soap or any harsh chemicals.



Store your leather bag dry and at room temperature in our dustbag. Use the original paper stuffing to keep the shape of the bag.


Enough said – just enjoy wearing your new KONTAINER bag!