The new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is finally ready for the webshop. And boy do we look forward to show it to you. The collection comes in three different colours: A beautiful summary yellow, a grey brown shade that changes as the light hits, and of course the ever classic black.

The theme of this collection is braiding. All braidings are handmade in the most amazing Italian calf leather. This gives the bags a beautifully structured surface. Inside the bags are lined with our signature print in 100% cotton as always – a way to bring a little character to an otherwise simple and elegant design.

In this collection the zippers have gotten even more attention than previously. Take the big shopper bag as an example. The solid YKK Excella zipper goes 3/4 around the bag, making it possible for you to minimize the size of the shopper – or more likely to expand it when in need of more volume. Of course you can also just keep the bag expanded at all time. This is certainly our favourite since it adds a cool edge to the braided look.

Did we remember to mention the finest detail in our shopper bag? Wear it as a traditional shopper bag or use the shoulder strap to make it into a backpack. Functionality is everything! Especially when biking in Copenhagen.

Have a closer on the new models right here.